The software projects listed on this site are all open-source and built by contributors, most of whom are users and researchers in the field. New contributors are always welcome!

Questions, bugs and suggestions

Discussion about features, bugs and releases of tskit-dev software happen on the GitHub repo for each project see the links on the software page. Please open an issue if you have a concrete bug report or feature.

For support using the software, or for more general questions, please use the discussions feature on GitHub.

Discussion and meetings

Regular contributors use our slack group. To request an invitation to the tskit-dev slack group, please email Here we also arrange meetings, usually every other week.

Community standards

Most projects listed here have a community code of conduct to help create an open environment of collaboration. For example the core tskit-dev repo code of conduct.

tskit-dev contributors

Yan Wong Yan Wong

Big Data Institute, Oxford, UK

Evolutionary biology, genetic genealogies, and science comms. Interested in fundamentals of biology. Deeply involved in @tskit-dev and @OneZoom projects.

Contributed to: msprime, pyslim, tsdate, tsinfer, tskit, tstrait, tszip

Ben Jeffery Ben Jeffery

Oxford University, Oxford, UK

Creating scientific software at Principal dev of the tskit ecosystem.

Contributed to: msprime, pyslim, tsdate, tsinfer, tskit, tskit-rust, tstrait, tszip

Peter Ralph Peter Ralph

University of Oregon

Contributed to: msprime, pyslim, tskit

Kevin R. Thornton Kevin R. Thornton

University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA

Faculty member in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at UC Irvine. @ThorntonLab is our group's GitHub account.

Contributed to: msprime, tskit, tskit-rust

Anthony Wilder Wohns Anthony Wilder Wohns

Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA

Statistical Genetics Researcher at Stanford School of Medicine

Contributed to: msprime, tsdate, tsinfer, tskit

Daiki Tagami Daiki Tagami

University of Oxford, Oxford

PhD student in Statistics at the University of Oxford

Contributed to: pyslim, tstrait

Nate Pope Nate Pope

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Contributed to: tsdate, tskit

Gertjan Bisschop Gertjan Bisschop

University of Oxford, Oxford

Computational Biologist

Contributed to: msprime, tskit, tstrait

Dominic Nelson Dominic Nelson

Montréal, Canada

Contributed to: msprime

Graham Gower Graham Gower


Just zis guy, you know?

Contributed to: msprime, tskit

Georgia Tsambos Georgia Tsambos

University of Washington, WA, USA

Postdoc in Kelley's Harris lab at the University of Washington (Genome Sciences).

Contributed to: msprime, tskit

Jaime Ashander Jaime Ashander

U.S. Geological Survey, Eastern Ecological Science Center @ Patuxent

Contributed to: msprime, pyslim

Daniel Goldstein Daniel Goldstein

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Boston, MA

Contributed to: msprime, tskit

Andrew Kern Andrew Kern

University of Oregon

Contributed to: msprime, pyslim, tskit

Michael Matschiner Michael Matschiner

Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

Contributed to: msprime


University of Tübingen

I am a mathematician working on subjects in evolutionary and quantitative biology with a special focus on prokaryotic genome evolution.

Contributed to: msprime

Shing Hei Zhan Shing Hei Zhan

University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

Contributed to: tsinfer, tskit

Joe Zhu Joe Zhu

Roche, Oxford

Programmer, data scientist, statistician. Made in China, built in NZ, upgraded in Oxford

Contributed to: msprime

Castedo Ellerman Castedo Ellerman, Lexington, MA USA

Contributed to: msprime, tskit

Hugo van Kemenade Hugo van Kemenade

@deadsetbit, Helsinki, Finland

Python 3.14 & 3.15 release manager, core developer, PSF Fellow, open-source maintainer, PEP editor, NaNoGenMo organiser

Contributed to: msprime, tskit

Murillo F. Rodrigues Murillo F. Rodrigues

Portland, OR

Evolutionary geneticist. Computational biologist.

Contributed to: msprime, pyslim, tskit

Bing Guo Bing Guo

University of Maryland School of Medicine, MD, USA

Contributed to: msprime, tskit-rust

lkirk lkirk

Contributed to: pyslim, tskit

Brian Zhang Brian Zhang

Statistics PhD Student, University of Oxford

Contributed to: tskit, tszip

Ariella Gladstein Ariella Gladstein


Research Scientist. Machine learning in population genomics

Contributed to: msprime

Duncan Mbuli-Robertson Duncan Mbuli-Robertson

Big Date Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

DPhil student in the Genomic Medicine and Statistics programme at the University of Oxford, working on tskit.

Contributed to: tskit

Clemens Weiss Clemens Weiss

Stanford Cancer Institute

Contributed to: tskit

Kumar Saunack Kumar Saunack


Contributed to: msprime

Jiseon Min Jiseon Min

Postdoctoral researcher at @kr-colab

Contributed to: pyslim

Inés Rebollo Inés Rebollo

Saint Paul, MN

Contributed to: tsinfer, tskit

Arjun Biddanda Arjun Biddanda

Johns Hopkins University

population & statistical geneticist

Contributed to: tszip

Gilia Patterson Gilia Patterson

University of Oregon

Contributed to: pyslim

Saurabh Belsare Saurabh Belsare

Pacific Biosciences of California, Seattle, WA

Computational researcher in genetics

Contributed to: tskit

Maz Aspbury Maz Aspbury

Kraken Tech. Ex-member of SABS (Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences).

Contributed to: tskit

Silas Tittes Silas Tittes

University of Oregon, Boulder, CO

Population geneticist and computational biologist

Contributed to: pyslim

Tatiana Bellagio Tatiana Bellagio



Contributed to: pyslim

Xin Huang Xin Huang

University of Vienna, Vienna

Contributed to: pyslim

Jared Galloway Jared Galloway

Fred Hutch, Bozeman, MT

Bioinformatics, Data Pipelines and Python Development with the Matsen group at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Contributed to: pyslim


Brown University

Contributed to: pyslim

Barney Hill Barney Hill

Oxford Big Data Institute

Computational Biologist @lindgrengroup

Contributed to: tsdate

Eaton Lab Eaton Lab


The Eaton Lab at Columbia University

Contributed to: tsinfer

Dianali Rodriguez F Dianali Rodriguez F

Big Data Institute, Oxford

Contributed to: tsinfer

Juniper Tyree Juniper Tyree

University of Helsinki, Helsinki

PhD researcher at UH with a passion for the environment and Rust. Graduate of MEng Computing at ICL and MSc Theoretical & Computational Methods at UH.

Contributed to: tskit-rust

Ben Haller Ben Haller

Cornell University, Stick Software, Ithaca, NY

I'm a researcher at Cornell University, in the Messer lab. Primarily, I work on an evolutionary simulator called SLiM (

Contributed to: tskit