To install a particular version of pyslim from source, e.g., to obtain a recent update:

git clone
cd pyslim
python install --user

Then, to run the tests to make sure everything is working, do:

python -m pytest tests

Note: if you use python3 you may need to replace python with python3 above.

If you would like to add some features to pyslim, please read the following. If you think there is anything missing, please open an issue or pull request on GitHub!


  • Make your own fork of the pyslim repo on GitHub

  • Clone your fork into a local directory:

git clone
  • Install the development requirements using python3 -m pip install -r requirements/development.txt.

  • Run the tests to ensure everything has worked: python3 -m pytest tests. These should all pass.

  • Make your changes in a local branch, and open a pull request on GitHub when you are ready. Please make sure that (a) the tests pass before you open the pull request; and (b) your code passes PEP8 checks before opening the pull request.

For a more detailed walkthrough of development methods, see the stdpopsim documentation and/or the tskit documentation.